Prime Minister Tuph Nhut was a former Prime Minister of Phaic Tăn.


In the late 40s, right-winger Tuph Nhut managed to secure control of Phaic Tăn, and the country fell into his autocratic rule. Various leftist and other radical organizations formed to oppose his rule, such as the People's Liberation Alliance (KPZ), Phaic Tănese Freedom Fighters (ATA) and the Democratic Rights Brigade (DRB). Students throughout the country protested against his rule and called for civil rights, which the government attempted to put down. On September 1951, government forces gunned down a mob of kindergartners, which led to mass riots all across the country. A few weeks later, Communists in Phaic Tăn's capital, Bumpattabumpah, seized a radio station and called for a Revolution as well as a No Repeat Tuesday, bringing about a Civil War. The Communists then stormed House of Parliament in bloodless coup, as all of the minister were strangled. Despite parliament under their control, Tuph Nhut remained in power and later brought about the Pheasants Purge in 1953, before he lost control of his position.