Szlonko Busjbusj

Szlonko Busjbusj, more commonly referred to as Bu-Bu.

Prime Minister Szlonko Busjbusj, also known as the Father of Modern Molvania, the Blurred Visionary, Bu-Bu or Bu-Bu the Reformer (1891-1962 A.D.) was a Molvanian Prime Minister famous for bringing about the creation of the modern day Molvania.


Born in the year 1891 A.D., Bu-Bu would later become the Prime Minister of Molvania. Prime Minister Bu-Bu's major reforms included: forming a loose confederation of landlocked republics in the Balkans known as the Balkan 7, tying Molvania's Strubl (Molvania's currency) to Latvia's Lit (Latvia's currency), de-regulation of the tractor industry, re-introduction of the wheel, change the maximum working hours from 18 hours to 16 hours, shortening the alphabet to 33 letters and amending the Constitution to add the Bill of Rights, which guaranteed all citizens the right to bear a grudge.

During his rule, the capital of Molvania was also transferred from Lutenblag in The Great Central Valley to Sasava in the Western Plateau to secure better control of the provinces… and to be closer to his mom, Sterna Busjbusj.

When the Great Depression hit Molvania in 1932, hyper-inflation struck the country, forcing its citizens to use wheelbarrows to carry loads of Strubls just to buy basic grocery goods. Bu-Bu led his country through this trying time through reforms ahead of the rest of world, notably making wheelbarrows legal tender.

This also same year he lost two fingers on one of his hands as the result of cutlery accident.

A major achievement of Bu-Bu was separating the three arms of Molvanian federal authority, the Judiciary, the Legislative and the Mafia.

Following his retirement as Prime Minister, Bu-Bu moved to unite the various political factions of Molvania, and briefly led a political coalition known as United Party of Tyrants, Despots and Dictators before it dissolved.

Bu-Bu grew old and his vision gradual blurred, much like Molvania's adherence to Human rights. By 1962, the "blurred visionary" (according to UN War Crimes subpoena) died of natural causes when he was assassinated.

Bu-Bu is still greatly remembered throughout Molvania, with various bridges, roads, statues, rivers and even communicable disease being named in his honor. Most notably, a statue of Bu-Bu can be found outside the Unjverstat Politkat in the city of Svetranj, located in Molvanian Alps province.