King Svardo III also known as The Dwarf King was a Croatian king in the 14th Century.


During his rule in the 14th century, Croatia invaded and conquered what would later become the modern day nation of Molvania, having taken over the future day provinces of the Western Plateau and the Eastern Steppes, which respectively held Sjerezo and Lublova.

King Svardo III was known to be quite found of the Palace Guards of Sjerezo, whom answered to him when Sjerezo was a Croatian city. In fact, during his rule, the Palace Guards of Sjerezo were official known as the Royal Molvanian She-Boys.

At one point, he gave the city of Lublova to his son and daughter-in-law as a wedding gift. The newlyweds however exchanged his gift for a fortified village to the north of Lublova.