Sasava is the capital city of the Western Plateau province of Molvania.


Throughout its history, Sasava had been ravaged at various times by various forces. In the year 1241, Sasava was completely destroyed by Mongol invaders.

During Szlonko Busjbusj governance of Molvania as Prime Minister, the capital was moved from Lutenblag to Sasava, as this allowed him to better control the provinces and to be closer to his mother, Sterna Busjbusj. The capital was later moved back to Lutenblag sometime after's Szlonko Busjbusj was assassinated.

In 1995, the Euro-Balkan Championship was held in Sasava, with Molvania competing with Slovakia. The city was nearly destroyed by Slovakian soccer fans when a serious of soccer riots erupted throughout the city.