San Pistachio a city in San Sombrèro, and is the provisional capital of Maracca province.


San Pistachio is located right on the muddy banks of the Rio Pongo River, being on stilts to protect itself from flood during the raining season (the stilts also protect locals from bands of rabid dogs that roam the city).


Due to constant power outages the city frequently suffers from, local authorities have considered using alternative forms of energy to supply power to the city. One attempt was to build a damn on the Rio Pongo River. Usage of damn for hydro-electricity however has disbanded, as logging around Rio Pongo River had made the river incredibly silty in nature, causing the damn to become permanently clogged. Currently, local authorities are considering transforming the damn into a mud powered facility instead. One area where alternative energy has proved effective revolves around geo-thermal power, especially when the region experiences seismic, which is capable of boiling a kettle in less than seven seconds.

Eating EstablishmentsEdit


San Pistachio itself doesn't attract many tourists, and what tourists do visit the city seek out boats to travel up the Rio Pongo River to reach the far more interesting villages.