Lublova is city in the Eastern Steppes province of Molvania.


Throughout its history, Lublova had always been an important frontier town, being inhibited by Illyrians and Celtics people prior to arrival of the Molvanians, who made it into a important trading city when they settled in the region.

In 1396, Croatia under the rule of King Svardo III (The Dwarf King) conquered the city, and giving the city to his son and daughter-in-law as a wedding gift; however, the couple exchanged it for fortified village north of Lublova.

For several hundred years, Lublova had no distinct leadership governing the city.

In the years 1603 and 1622 A.D., the Tatars presence in the region caused the Lublovans to build a 2.4km-long to defend the city in case of attack… unfortunately, they had accidentally left a 1.8 km-long gap at the back of the city, allowing the Tatars to pillage the city. By the 18th century, the city had completed their reconstruction campaign.

During World War II, Lublova was the only city in Molvania to escape destruction by the Nazis, however it was ironically destroyed on Armistice Day in 1945 when a firework display lit the city on fire. Luckily, many of the cities landmarks were relatively unscathed.

In 1998, Lublova's opulent Tvorz Grand Hotjl burned to the ground when a trouser press caught on fire.

On January 1, 2002 the Lublova City Council introduced a smoking ban on all restaurants, resulting in massive civil unrest in the city. The city council responded to the chaos by amending their policy, stating smoking is allowed in restaurant if the chef is also smoking.





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